Paris Bedroom Ideas: Pink Bedding with Black Furniture

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

A Paris bedroom can be anything you desire but some basic black furniture and a nice pink bedding set are a great place to start. Add in a few Parisian inspired accents and in no time you will have added a chic French flair to your bedroom

To create a Paris bedroom from scratch, you’ll want to make a list of all the exiting furniture you have that will be used in your new room.

What kinds of furniture pieces are you missing e.g. a night stand/side table, armoire/wardrobe, vanity table/desk or decorative shelving?

If you’re planning on buying new, I’d caution you to purchase classic black furniture pieces that will go with different theme and decor styles as you may not want to stick with the pink and black Paris theme indefinitely. Besides which new black furniture can be costly.

A better way of acquiring black furniture for your Paris bedroom is to see what you can find in the way of quality secondhand furniture that can be painted black and later refinished to it’s former glory should you desire a totally new look.  Wrought iron furniture is also an option. Black furniture paint is an inexpensive great way to update existing furniture but check with your parent’s first before buying a can and getting out a paint brush. (Please note: spray paint works best on wrought iron furniture.)

Now if you have white furniture already you may not want to make a total switch to black, instead you could add in a few black accessories like black drawer pulls and knobs and/or add a piece of black fabric to the top of your dresser and nightstand(s). Another option would be to add a couple of black furniture pieces to your white furniture collection or replace a couple of white pieces with black. Your options are vast. The bottom line is, why spend money when you don’t have to?

Shelving can be painted either black or white. Display items on your shelves that are a nice combination of black, white and pink.

paris bedroom

When it comes to painting the walls pink, you don't have to go crazy and paint all your wall the same. You can paint three walls light pink shade and create one accent wall in a medium pink. Or go for a combination of white and pink walls.

Black and white, black and pink as well as pink and white patterned fabrics matched with solid colors are ideal for throw pillows, window seat cushions and bean bag chairs.

To create a nice window seat, place a storage bench topped with a seat cushion in front of your window.

Other fun Paris Bedroom ideas include: paris bedroom

*French phrases painted on walls

*Shabby chic styled furnishings

*A Parisian themed border or accent wall created out of similar wallpaper

*Plastered French Country style walls

*Crown molding used as decorative accents

*A crystal chandelier

*A miniature Eiffel Tower

*A variety of framed and/or unframed art prints and posters depicting life in Paris

*Closet doors painted to look like Paris storefronts or French Bistro Cafes

*Hat boxes used as storage containers

*Table skirts as a nice feminine touch to otherwise black furniture

*Poodle accessories

*A pink shag rug.

Tres Chic! A Paris bedroom is ideal for either the student exchange traveler or a girl who dreams of visiting or living in France.


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