Paint Colors: Color Schemes for Teen Bedrooms

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

Paints colors and teen bedrooms – chances are good parents and teens won’t see eye to eye on either. No worries paint is cheap and color schemes for today’s teens are what they are.

As parents we have to realize that our child is no longer a kid anymore and just like hair color, paint colors aren’t forever. After all, hair grows and walls can be repainted.

Giving into the decor and style preferences of our teens can be a real win for both parties. In my view, it’s much better to have a happy teenager than one who feels her opinions aren’t respected, feels controlled by her parental environment and who is nagged all the time about the state of her teen bedroom.

Of course, a little balance and compromise needs to come into play when considering color schemes. Hopefully the process of coming up with the right paint colors can actually be a positive experience for you and your teen.

Let your teen take a leadership role with you being a supportive player. When it comes to color schemes and teen bedroom decorating in general, simply guide not lead your teen in the choices available. I’m sure your teen will also have some pretty specific ideas herself.

Start by sitting down and discussing the overall look your teen wishes to achieve using paint colors and various accents. If you’re really adamant about no black walls or war motifs state it now. Otherwise keep an open mind. Go through magazines and browse online to find teen bedroom styles and decor that are close to the look your teen is hoping to achieve. The objective here is to assist your teen in coming up with a style she loves, one that is tasteful and she won’t tire of within a year. Granted if it’s only a simple and cost-effective makeover, making over your teen’s bedroom in a year’s time may not be so bad.

The bottom line is if your teen vetoes light to medium paint colors and opts for a black paint on all walls, she has to understand that painting over the black again will not only be time consuming as several coats of fresh paint color will have to be added but the cost of acquiring sufficient cans of paint won’t be cheap.

Popular Color Schemes for Teen Bedrooms

Black and White
Black and Gray
Hot Pink and Black
Pink and Teal
Teal and Lime
Blue and Green
Orange and Brown
Pink and Brown
Pink and Purple
Lime and Neon Orange
Purple and Lime

Most teens love bright and bold paint colors and selecting a color scheme featuring two different colors like pink and purple or orange and brown can turn an ordinary teen bedroom into a funky and fresh one with as few as two cans of paint.

Don’t know which paint colors you’d like to see in your teen room? If the whole idea of color schemes is overwhelming turn to computer color scheme software or get assistance from a sales associate at your local paint store. Even having one favorite paint color is a great start.

Another idea would be to shop for bedding first and let a teen bed-in-a-bag set be the inspiration for your teen bedroom color scheme.

Once you have your paint colors and teen bedding set in mind start shopping for accessories like colorful lamps, wall art, and casual furniture pieces. Consider secondhand shops for decor items that can be remodeled, refinished or painted to work with the color scheme of your new teen bedroom.

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