Kid’s Room Organization, An Important Element in Kid Bedroom Makeover

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

When it comes to kids room organization and kid bedroom makeovers many parents have asked me what needs to come first - decorating or organizing?

As an organizing and decorating consultant, I can relate to their question as organizing and decorating kid’s rooms really do go hand in hand.

If you're making over your child's bedroom now is the perfect time to consider what kinds of organizing systems you can incorporate into the design of your kid's room that will work with your child's personality, habits and lifestyle.

Since you'll want to work with your child to create a bedroom or play room he will enjoy and keep clean, we need to look at tips for organizing children’s rooms prior to focusing on bedroom themes, colors to paint, kid’s bedding and related decor items

Effective kid’s room organization is all about flexibility and being able to adapt to your child’s changing needs and interests as he grows. Your child needs a space that functions with his lifestyle – one with activity zones, an efficient storage system, and a decor theme that matches both his personal organizational style and interests.

Imagine if you could organize your child’s bedroom in such a way that he automatically puts things away when he’s finished with them. In other words, a clean and tidy kid’s room where cars and trucks have a separate home from games and puzzles and everything is easily accessible and just as easy to put away.

When trying to decide on the best kid bedroom storage ideas for your child it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions based on his personality and habits.

Does he favor open or closed storage - bins and shelving or dressers and closets?

Young child in particular benefit from storage bins and boxes located on low shelves so they can take out and put away their own toys. Using storage bins and boxes that are see thru or color coordinated and don’t have lids are a great way to encourage cleaning up, sorting and responsibility for their own things.

If you’re doing a top to bottom kid’s room makeover and have a particular color scheme in mind you may want to use kid’s organizers in the same or coordinating colors. If your child favors green and blue consider blue or green baskets with coordinating or contrasting labels to unify his storage system.

An entire kid bedroom decorating scheme can also be inspired by something as simple as your child’s favorite color. Or kid bedroom paint ideas can stem from interests and fun and colorful kids room organizers like the ones available through The Land of Nod

Coming up with a bedroom theme that coordinates with your child’s organizing system doesn’t have to be difficult. For instance, if your child loves sports consider installing a series of wooden pegs around the room to store his collection of ball caps. A girl who loves dance could similarly display her dance costumes on her walls as part of her kid’s room decor.

Other fun kid’s room organization and decor ideas could include displaying and organizing stuffed wild animals by clips on hanging chains or in toy hammocks in room with a safari jungle theme.

When making over a kid bedroom you want to focus on creating a room that functions and flows with the changing needs of your child’s lifestyle, interests and age. As your child grows so does his needs e.g. higher shelves, maybe more closed than open storage, more closet or book shelves, double closet rods etc.

As a parent you want to make sure that your child’s new room is not only fun and appealing to his likes and interests but is also practical and makes sense to him. Creating proper activity zones for homework, personal care, reading and other frequent activities are important.

If your child shares a room or has friends over frequently, you’ll want to consider the many benefits of storage furniture. These days you can find everything from storage ottomans and benches to storage beds and built in closet organizers.

Simply installing a kid’s room organizational system that looks good in a photo and telling your child where to put things won’t work. To be beneficial and useful to your child, any major kid’s room storage ideas you implement need to work with both your child’s lifestyle and natural organizational tendencies.

To create that special kid bedroom that is truly a functional space, you need to look at kid’s room organization as a blend of person, place, and things first, and as a decorating canvas second.

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