Window Treatments and Valance Ideas for Kids Rooms

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

Decorative window treatments and valance ideas are a great way to bring the look of your kid’s room together.

To bring color and style into the kid’s room, install a valance over a simple window blind or shade. Valances can be made of fabric or just about any material you can think of. Your imagination is the only limit to the number of creative valance and window treatments you can use to accent your kid’s window and his or her room as a whole.

When it comes to a sewn fabric valance think gathered or ruffled styles for girls and plain styles with tailored box pleats for boys.

Decorative valances typically start with a cornice box. Cornice boxes can be custom-made or self-made by joining three pieces of wood together. They help hide blind or shade hardware and can later be painted, covered with wallpaper or decorative fabric. Adding a cornice box is a great way to tie the look of your kid’s room together.

Depending on the height of your ceiling, the top of a basic cornice box may also be a good place to display collectibles or trophies.

If you use a fabric on your window treatment, consider repeating the same fabric around the room in at least 3 or 4 other places e.g. on chair cushions, throw pillows, quilt squares, lamp shades, or on a bed skirt.

Trim simple window treatments with contrasting borders, cheerful and fun appliqués, as well as ribbon. Be creative with tiebacks – think ribbon, rope, scarves or decorative hooks.

Now for some more fun valance and window treatment ideas:


Graphic Valance

Plastic placemats aren’t just for kitchens. Colorful plastic placemats with bold patterns and stripes make great accents for windows. To make a graphic valance all you need is a collection of plastic placemats to cover the width of your window. Drill a hole in both corners of one end, attach with binder rings and thread on a curtain rod.

Another idea would be to create a full graphic curtain that adds color to a backdrop of sheer drapery fabric. In this case, you would use considerably more placemats and would need to drill a hole in all four corners of each placemat. (The exception being only two holes would be needed in placemats used in the bottom rows.). You would then attach all corners together with binder rings to create two vertical graphic lengths over a set of sheer drapes.


Dress Valance

Looking to add a feminine valance to a little girl’s bedroom? Consider displaying some of her baby clothes or doll clothes. This easy valance idea starts by adding a peg rack (with three or more pegs depending on the size of your window) above your child’s window. Use decorative baby hangers to display a variety of cute outfits. You may wish to add a piece of wood behind the peg rack so it stands out from the wall sufficiently and the outfits don’t impact your other window treatments e.g. kid’s drapes with pleats.

Another option would be to install white plastic landscape molding (like a cornice box) at the top of the window and hang the outfits via clothes pins.

Thrift shops and kid’s consignment shops are a great place round out your collection of dresses in a similar size and color scheme.

Scarf Valance

For older girls, you may want to create a feminine valance using colorful scarves, bandanas or vintage handkerchiefs draped over a curtain rod. It all depends on the look you want to achieve - lots of color and/or pattern or something subtle and refined like white cotton or linen heirlooms.

Another idea would be to use decorative shower curtain or napkin rings threaded on a curtain rod and looping the scarves, bandanas or handkerchiefs through the rings instead of simply draping them over the rod.

Hat or Purse Valance

Other feminine window treatments for girl’s bedrooms include hanging decorative straw hats or a collection of purses by pegs just above your kid’s window. Make sure the pegs are positioned high enough so the hats or the purses don’t impact the operation of any blinds, shades or drapes.

Lace Valance

Add the look of lace to a girl’s bedroom by draping a lace table runner over the top of sheer curtains. A crocheted doily would also coordinate well in vintage or Victorian styled bedroom.


Snowboard Valance

Need place to store your child’s snowboard in the off season? What could be better than storing a board as a creative valance in a snowboard themed kid’s room? Simply attach the board to a basic cornice box with plastic wire ties and screw eyes. Don’t want to use a current snowboard just use an old one. Old snowboards (without the bindings) also make great decorative shelves.

Sports Valance

To decorate the window of a sports fan, consider hanging ball caps from hat hooks across the top of his window or pining pennants to a solid color fabric valance to display his team pride. Another great idea would be to make a simple pocket curtain valance out of an extra sheet of coordinating sports bedding and hang it on a hockey stick. Use the remaining bedding fabric to cover a throw pillow.

So now you can see how easy it is to create window treatments that are not only functional but stylish as well.

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