Kids Beds – What’s the Difference between a Twin, Single, and Twin XL Kid Bed?

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

With so many kids bed sizes to select from how is a parent to know which one is right for his or her child?
Even the most educated furniture store salesperson may not have all the facts that will help you determine which size of kid bed is most appropriate for your child now and in the future.
Twin beds and single beds are essentially one and the same. Since they’re compact and narrow they’re appropriate for kid’s bedrooms as well as small guest rooms.
You can further enhance the function of a twin bed by purchasing one with a “trundle” giving you added space for a sleepover guest. For shared bedrooms a twin bunk bed is a great option.

The basic dimensions of a twin bed whether it’s a single bed or a twin trundle bed or a twin bunk bed, the size is a standard  39" wide x 75" long".
Among the main advantages of a twin bed is that it will easily fit in a small kid’s room but also gives children a more compact and cozy sleeping area unlike a double or full bed which may be overwhelming in size for young kids. On the flip side, if your child has trouble sleeping at night and you find yourself going into his room to comfort him you may want to consider a double or full bed as twin beds are typically too short (not to mention, too narrow) for the average adult.

Twin sheet sets are affordable and readily available in a variety of fun kid’s bedding themes and since they require less fabric are usually more cost-effective to purchase than double/full sheet sets.

The Land of Nod Twin White Bed The Land of Nod Twin White Bed

Extra long twin beds are commonplace in college and university dorm rooms. The reason is simple – space is at a premium but length is important as many teens are the height of an average adult, if not taller.

A typical twin extra long bed is 5” longer than standard twin beds. The overall dimensions are 39" wide x 80" long. The advantage to an extra long twin bed over a double is the space that it saves and how easy it is to make since it’s so narrow. The cool thing about using two extra long twin beds in a shared bedroom is that they can be later converted (when the kids move out) into a king size bed (when pushed together) and used in a guest room whereas two regular twin beds in a guest room would be too short for the average teen or adult guest.  

The above said finding twin XL bedding is sometimes a challenge as it isn’t always readily available in every pattern. For great selection of XL twin bedding please visit College Bedding and Decor.

The Land of Nod Twin Midnight Blue Bed The Land of Nod Twin Jute Basket Weave Bed

Please note some bedding manufacturers will custom-cut mattresses larger or smaller than standard kid bed sizes. However be warned that while it may be novel to have a "custom sized" kids bed for your child’s bedroom you may have to make your own kid’s bedding to fit it as finding appropriate sized bedding sets could prove to be a real challenge.

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