Camouflage Bedding and How to Use It to Inspire a Kid’s Room Theme

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

All things camouflage is making a comeback. These days non-gender specific camouflage bedding is a popular element in a kid’s room theme that is growing in popularity with children of all ages.

A camouflage bedroom is a great kid’s room theme idea for baby to teen rooms. Camouflage bedding gives bedrooms a nice focal point you can easily build upon. The key though is not to over do it with your camouflage pattern otherwise your kid’s room will look too busy and your child may become overwhelmed.
Start by browsing online to find some camouflage kid’s bedding to fit your child’s particular bed - be it crib, toddler, twin, full or queen. Chances are good you’ll find a great selection of camouflage bed in a bag sets for just about any size and style of kid’s beds. A reversible camouflage bedding set would be ideal for shared rooms and bunk beds where each child wants to sport his or her own comforter or duvet pattern.

While green and brown camouflage bedding is traditional, pink camouflage bedding for girls and blue camouflage bedding for boys is growing in popularity.
With so many colors and camouflage bedding sets to select from you’ll have no problem coming up with the right camouflage bed in a bag set to meet you child’s needs. A typical bed in a bag set will include a comforter, sheet set, pillowcase(s), and often a sham and bed skirt.
If you’re looking to create a hunting or military kid’s room theme for a boy you’ll want to select brown or green camouflage bedding and create a more outdoor feel.
Already have bedroom walls that are beige or sand color? If so perfect, a simple camouflage bed in a bag set is all that’s needed to transform the look of his kid’s bedroom in mere minutes.

If you’re planning on painting have fun with paint shades. You may even want to create an accent wall in a camouflage pattern. Use painter’s tape to outline your pattern. Paint the wall and once completely dry, gently remove the tape and voila you have an awesome camouflage wall!

If your child is into hunting a great way to decorate his kid’s room is to display antlers or animal skins collected from his hunting adventures. Hunting trophies also make ideal wall decor or you can add a display shelf or cabinet.
Another fun idea would be to stencil or use wall letter stickers to write the words "Hunting Season." Maps and photos of the hunt camp along with members of the hunting party would also work well in your child’s camouflage bedroom.

Young military fanatics may relish a bedroom decorated with authentic Army gear likeuniforms as well as duffel and sleeping bags displayed on neutrally painted walls. You might also want to hang mosquito netting and display military metals. Posters of famous military figures help tie the look of this kid’s room theme together.

A camouflage kid’s room theme isn’t just for boys - pink camouflage bedding is verypopular with girls who like being pretty but also want to be viewed as strong and capable. Solid color plush pillows add a nice accent to girl’s beds featuring a camouflage bedding set. Stuffed animals outfitted in camouflage fabrics when displayed on beds or on decorative shelves are other good ideas for a girl’s camouflage bedroom.

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