Wall, Floor, Decorative, and Vanity Mirrors – Great Bedroom Decor for Teen Rooms

 By Sherrie Le Masurier

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? In teen rooms, it’s the inhabitant who was smart enough to add a combination of vanity mirrors to her teen bedroom.
When it comes to decorative mirrors and the many types of wall and floor mirrors for teen rooms the options are vast.

Let’s start with vanity mirrors. These kinds of mirrors while popular in the bathroom are also ideal for teen rooms as they come in a variety of styles and sizes and make a nice addition to a personal grooming area in a teen bedroom.

Vanity mirrors are necessities for teens. Without them, applying makeup or getting a close, clean shave would be quite a challenge.
Free standing vanity mirrors are also ideal for getting a close up view of your whole body. They usually feature 360 degree rotation making them perfect for determining if a pair of shoes looks good with the rest of your outfit. Table top vanity mirrors are smaller and easier to transport from teen bedroom to bathroom and most feature a convenient swiveling arm.
Lighted vanity mirrors are also an option for a dark teen bedroom that is short on natural light. Most of these kinds of vanity mirrors have fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

A large rectangular wall mounted or floor mirror, or a variety of medium sized wall mirrors grouped together can make a small teen bedroom seem brighter and more spacious.
Wall mirrors or free standing table top mirrors are recommended for smaller teen rooms while freestanding floor mirrors are typically suited for the more spacious teen bedroom.
Decorative mirrors can be framed or unframed. Framed wall mirrors make can make a real statement depending on the selection of frame. Frame styles range from carved and gilded to thin and angular. The types of materials made to make mirror frames are equally vast from metal and wood to faux leather and seashells.

A great teen bedroom decor idea is to hang a large mirror on the wall opposite a doorway or window to bounce light back into the room. With this technique, a teen bedroom with only one window will actually give the impression of having two.
Another fun decor idea for teen rooms is to set a frameless mirror on a table surface like your dresser or nightstand and add a lamp for a little extra sparkle.

When looking to buy a mirror for your teen bedroom, shop for high-quality, distortion-free glass. Most online retailers as well as local department stores sell cheap mirrors but be forewarned, cheap mirrors may also be distorted ones. If you want a decorative mirror that is smooth and free from distortions, you’ll better off buying a mid-priced floor or wall mirror.
When selecting a decorative mirror for your teen bedroom it’s important to consider the size of the room as will as its theme. You may also wish to take the following tips into consideration when purchasing wall mirrors for teen rooms.

  1. Keep proportion in mind when shopping for decorative mirrors. Try to accentuate tall or open spaces with pieces that match the scope of your teen bedroom.
  2. Don't use multiple small mirrors in spacious teen rooms. You see, while you may be successful in filling the space, you risk creating a cluttered look and could in turn, throw the balance of the room off. The better option would be to select one to three wall mirrors that better match the proportions of your teen bedroom.
  3. Think outside the typical wall mirror and consider a long rectangular mirror for a stronger, more noticeable presence or circular, octagon, or oblong shapes to create a soothing flow to your teen bedroom.
  4. Consider placing wall mirrors so they reflect something that is pleasing to the eye like a soft candle light, a single silk rose, or framed artwork. This technique adds light, depth, and visual appeal to your teen space.
  5. Decorative mirrors can be works of art themselves. Shop around for wall mirrors that don’t just reflect the decor of your teen room but will reflect something of your personality as well.
  6. Take note of the size of each mirror you’re considering before you buy it. Always measure prior to buying to be sure you have adequate floor or wall space.

With so many decorative mirrors and different types of mirrors on the marketplace there's bound to be one a vanity mirror, wall mirror and floor mirror that's right for your teen bedroom.

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